Get Involved- 你可以协助

Raise Awareness: Spread the Word

Talk to your friends and neighbours. If you need more information or have questions, call one of the people listed on the website. One of us can provide more background to you or your neighbours. We will have more community meetings to keep everyone informed. We have a website and Facebook page. It will contain all the latest information and tips on what you can do to communicate with your community and City representatives.

Legal Actions/Petitioning?

Currently there is nothing to legally object to.  Rezoning hasn’t happened yet and so there is no legal action to take at this point.  The group has also been asked about a petition.  Again, there is nothing to petition against until there is a motion to rezone the land.  A proper petition must be timed correctly but now is not the time for it.

We can put up a fight but we will require strength in numbers.

Letters to City Council- 向你的市议员和社区表示反对重建发展;

In the period before the developer files an official application to the City, it is very helpful if you send notes, make phone calls, or communicate in any other way with our Alderman, Joe Magliocca, and our community association president, Perry Genereux. It is imperative they understand our views as early as possible. Both have been fully briefed by the golf course owners of their plans. They need to hear our thoughts.

If any of you have written letters to city council to express your discontent with the proposed ideas,  we thank you, but as was said above, we can not take any actions yet and therefore the letters have no real significant value until after the rezoning submission. Please keep the letters and resubmit them when the time to do so is appropriate. We will try to keep update the site on important events and dates under the blog section as they happen.

You can contact The Mayor and City Councillors.

Emails to the councilors can be sent to :, etc…

Lawn Signs/ Banners- 在家草坪放反对发展牌

Lawn signs are available to place on your property. The number of signs that have already been placed show the tremendous support we have as residents to oppose the redevelopment.

Banners are also an excellent way to show your opposition to the redevelopment and are perfect for those facing the golf course. Various sizes are available.

Please contact for further information.

Volunteering- 当志愿者帮助游说,在社交媒体发表立场或统筹邮件寄出等

There will be much work to do in the coming months. We can use volunteers to help us communicate within the community – from one-on-one meetings to helping with social media posting to coordinating mail-outs to helping with meeting set-up. Please contact us if you are interested or if you have any good ideas you might want to help execute (ex. youtube videos).

Financial Support- 捐款以资助法律程序,印刷费,会议场地等支出

Many residents of The Hamptons have made donations to help with the cost associated of printing flyers, lawn signs, meeting venues, legal support, etc. If you would like to make a contribution, please contact or click the button below to contribute through PayPal (Accepts credit cards).


If you do not have a paypal account click the continue button to use a credit card.


Cheques Made Payable to:

支票抬头:     Hamptons ABC

532 Hamptons Drive NW

Calgary, AB

T3A 6A1

Thanks for all your support!