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13 thoughts on “Discussion- 讨论

  1. We agree that the development is a terrible idea. The golf course management has significantly been poorer year after year. This last year, the golf course management has given up trying to control all the tournaments and parties that occur. The coarse language, music and noise adversely affects the quiet nature of our community. Future development will only see this continue. We will support the opposition of the planned development.

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  2. I agree. We have lived on the golf course for 14+ years and ever since Windmill bought the course, it has gone down hill significantly. Not only has the course suffered, but the Clubhouse itself has suffered. The back loading dock area is a disgrace…empty kegs, two bins of overflowing garbage, etc. The driving range pond this year was at its lowest ever. The smell coming off the pond was something else. The pond was stocked with trout when the pond was first filled and my guess is that the trout do not exist due to the lack of water.

    Windmill states that the re-development will enhance the course for its Members and the residents of The Hamptons.

    Mr. Ehlert, please tell me in what ways this will be accomplished? At the meeting held in June 2015 you could not or prefered not to answer that question.

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  3. I still cannot undestand how the zoning can be changed? We purchased the property at a premium price because of the golf course and would be very surprised if the city would even listen to any redevelopment idea.

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    • We agree, this is why it is important to stick together as a community and let our voice be heard. We can do this by sending letters to city council and showing up to any public meetings or open houses concerning this issue.


    • Don’t get me wrong Henry. I, too, am a resident of the Hamptons who will be directly affected by the redevelopment. These my thoughts to help myself not be overly upset with the redevelopment. It may or may not be any comfort to you. Yes, we paid a premium price to back on to the golf course but without Windmill and the previous owner, there would be no golf course to back onto, so their argument is that we are reaping the benefits of backing onto the golf course at their expense. The people who we should be angry with are the original developers (who also happened to be the original owner of the golf course) and the home builders. They are the ones who profited from the premiums we paid for our homes. It’s also our city council representative who we should be upset with for not representing our voice. If rezoning is beneficial to all who are impacted, then it makes sense for the zoning to change. The only parties benefiting from rezoning in the case of the golf course redevelopments are the golf courses owners, and again, the developers and home builders. The city will also increase their property tax intake from the additional residents of the new homes.


  4. Barry Ehlert planned the timing for the meeting very well and this is why we must band together as residents/homeowners to try and stop the re-development. This is just the beginning. If Windmill is approved for the re-development, they will keep going and take the entire course away leaving us with more traffic, more crime, more pollution, the list goes on!

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  5. The Windmill Group is monetizing some of their fixed assets in order to fund the development of the Phil Mickleson National golf course and community west of Calgary. Not only will Hamptons home owners lose out but so will the City of Calgary. This is why the Windmill and Quantum Place could not answer city council’s question to confirm that the funds from the redevelopment will stay in the city.


  6. And why do you think they would not take the offer that was made to them by a resident of The Hamptons?

    They would have had to disclose their financial situation and then it would have become very obvious that the money that was supposedly for The Hamptons Golf Club was actually going elsewhere.


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