Hamptons Update – City Issues Stop Work Order

We would like to inform you that the City has informed Windmill Golf that they must stop work on the golf course and make an application for a new development permit. The work site was shut down on Thursday, November 30th.

Please read the following article that was published in The Herald:



The Hamptons Residents For Responsible Development


Corbella: City lets Hamptons Golf Course owner tear up the land without a permit

Bob and Gina Church outside their home near the Hamptons golf course in Calgary on Wednesday November 29, 2017. Leah Hennel/Postmedia

In a move that’s much like closing the proverbial barn door after all the barnyard animals have escaped and then been run over by a transport truck, the City of Calgary’s bylaw office shut down the stripping and grading of the Hamptons Golf Course Thursday following questions by the Postmedia.

Since late September, Windmill Golf Group — which bought the championship golf course in 2013 — has torn up more than 40 mature spruce trees at holes seven and eight in the upscale northwest community, that is home to families of deer and migrating birds.

Paul Donker, Calgary’s co-ordinator for community planning, said a development inspector visited the site to investigate and shut down the worksite Thursday.

It was determined that a permit for changes to the site is required, since it is larger than 1,000 metres-square,” said Donker in a written statement. “The owners have been informed and notified to stop work and make an application.”

Community residents are outraged that the Windmill Golf Group would go ahead and tear up the land without a development permit.

“This is a lot too little and a lot too late,” said an outraged Gina Church, whose house backs onto the pond at the seventh hole of the golf course.

“Us regular citizens have to get a permit if we want to make the slightest modification or addition to our backyard deck or renovate our basement, but (the owner) started tearing up a huge area of sensitive wildlife reserves and pulling out trees since late September and the city didn’t do anything until the media called,” she said.

Robert Church, a former professor at the University of Calgary’s medical school (which he helped found), said torn up ground near the water’s edge is proof that the golf course owner is contravening the Water Conservation Act.

“Now the damage has been done,” said Church.

“It’s extremely upsetting and disappointing. This used to be called Deer Coulee and we used to ride our horses around here when we were kids,” said the 80-year-old.


The Hamptons golf course in Calgary on Wednesday November 29, 2017. Leah Hennel/Postmedia


Donker notes that he doesn’t know if any fines will be levied against Windmill Golf Group.

It would be outrageous if the company isn’t fined. After all, Donker admitted that they “got approval for a development permit for stripping and grading from the administration, however it was appealed, the appeal was launched and the application was withdrawn.”

In other words, Windmill Golf Group went ahead with the redevelopment of the land even though it knew it withdrew its application.

In speaking with our development inspection team, the City always seeks compliance as a first approach to provide the owners an opportunity to correct the situation; in this case, they will have to apply for the proper permit,” said Donker.

Looks like kid-glove treatment, doesn’t it? Us little guys who can’t afford to own a golf course should keep this sentence in mind if we’re ever fined for not shovelling our walk fast enough or if a pet escapes and is captured by the city or if we “forget” to apply for a development permit when we rebuild the deck. We can reply, “Doesn’t the city always seek compliance as a first approach to provide the owners an opportunity to correct the situation?”

When asked for an interview, the Windmill Golf Group responded by email, telling Postmedia to contact its contracted developer, Quantum Place Developments.

But Chris Ollenberger, the managing principal at Quantum, says his company is not doing the work on the golf course.

“Windmill’s owner is away so I think that’s why you were asked to call me, but Quantum isn’t doing the golf course work. We’re doing the housing development, so I haven’t even been down to that site and I really don’t know what’s going on there,” said Ollenberger.



The Hamptons gold course in Calgary on Wednesday November 29, 2017. Leah Hennel/Postmedia

City Hall has received more than 3,000 letters of complaint by residents and others who object to the city rezoning recreational property to build a 64-unit housing development on the course’s existing 14th and 15th holes. That will result in the golf course needing to be rejigged to replace those two holes on the remaining footprint.

Under Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw, there is the ability to strip and grade land as long as it’s under 1,000 square metres. If it’s larger than that, then they need a development permit.

Hamptons Golf Course is the fourth golf course that the city has allowed to be rezoned from recreational land to residential: Shawnee Slopes, Highland Park and Harvest Hills have all been wiped out to put in housing.

“This is very shortsighted of the city,” complained Gina Church. She noted that the residents of the Hamptons all got together and spent $45,000 on legal fees, putting in an offer to buy the golf course and turn it into a park, but the land’s owner turned down the offer.

As for City Hall, it’s clear that someone hasn’t been doing his job properly. It shouldn’t require a call from a newspaper to get action on the tearing up of land without a permit.

Licia Corbella is a Postmedia columnist. lcorbella@postmedia.com


Hamptons Update – Applicant Wishes To Withdraw Development Permit

We would like to inform you that the Applicant has asked the City of Calgary Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to withdraw their development permit application and to surrender their development permit.


As you are aware, reconfiguration work of the golf course has already begun on some of the holes on the front nine of the course. Bennett Jones LLP is investigating and we will continue to keep you abreast of further developments regarding this matter. Respectfully The Hamptons Residents For Responsible Development

Thank You

It’s the morning after and we now know the results of the 2017 Municipal Election.

We would like to thank Jennifer Wyness for taking on the challenge of running in Ward 2, the volunteers who worked endless hours and walked endless miles and to those from our community who supported Jennifer and who have supported our group from day one.

Joe has been re-elected and we hope that he realizes the challenges that face him in the upcoming months/years.

Our lawyers at Bennett Jones LLP requested the City issue a “stop order” for current stripping, grading and tree removal work on holes 6 through 8. The City indicated no permit is required. Bennett Jones is following up to ensure that this is accurate.

Our lawyers have also appealed the development permit approval for Cells A and B. A preliminary meeting before the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board is set for Thursday, November 2nd. At that time, the Board will set a future date where the merits of the appeal will be heard.

We will keep you informed as more details become available.


The Hamptons Residents For Responsible Development

Ward 2 Issues

Election Day is drawing near … take time to read the following article in order to help you make a very important decision, a decision that will not only impact the next 4 years in Calgary, but also for many years to come.

As you read the article, please be made aware of the following:

Christopher Maitland – Chris was an Executive Assistant to Incumbent Joe Magliocca in Joe’s first year of office.

George Georgeou – George is a licensed realtor and a construction professional.




Hamptons Golf Course Reconfiguration Construction Commences

Today many of you likely witnessed or heard heavy construction machines grading and removing trees from the 7th hole of The Hamptons Golf Course.

This is just the beginning of what Ward 2 City Councillor, Joe Magliocca, described in The Calgary Sun as “a great project.”

As many residents have voiced in City Open Houses, surveys and through votes at HOA meetings, the community is opposed to this activity and the re-designation of parts of our community previously designated as “Special Recreational.”

In the public hearing at City Hall on April 10, 2017, despite numerous residents asking for reconsideration or alternatives, the City Councillor who represents The Hamptons, Joe Magliocca, made a motion to Council that the development proposed by Hamptons Golf Course owner, Windmill Golf, be accepted. As Councillor Magliocca addressed City Council and gave reasons why he supported the redevelopment, he said “it adds a lot of value to The Hamptons area.” The motion was then passed, forever changing the designation of some areas of the golf course from Recreational to Residential. If all approvals are granted, Windmill Golf can proceed with building residential areas in some areas of the golf course, reconfiguring the community’s storm water management system, adding traffic to our roads and increasing pressure on our school and recreational amenities.

Yesterday the following information was sent to Members of The Hamptons Golf Club via e-mail:

“We are happy to announce that initial clearing, rough grading and construction for the redesign will begin this week, and will continue through the fall as long as conditions permit. Most of the work will be done around the 6th, 7th and 8th holes and there will be very little, if any, disruption of play. Do expect however, a number of vehicles, construction workers and some noise during your final few rounds at the club. We are extremely happy to have a top notch contractor and a respected shaper to help us bring these exciting course changes to fruition.”

The Calgary Municipal Election is Monday, October 16thYOU HAVE A VOICE and a choice for who represents The Hamptons at City Hall going forward. Exercise your choice and VOTE on October 16th. Advance voting is now available if you are unable to vote on October 16th.


The Hamptons Residents For Responsible Development



Do you want change at City Council?

A Town Hall was held with Ward 2 City Council candidate Jennifer Wyness on September 27th and was very well received. Jennifer introduced herself and her positions related to The Hamptons residents and fielded questions from the audience.

Candidate Trina Hurdman, from the Calgary Board of Education was in attendance and also introduced herself and gave her positions on school related items.

Incumbent Joe Magliocca was asked to attend the Town Hall but declined.

With the election only 2 weeks away, Jennifer is extremely busy door knocking and listening to your concerns.

The most important thing you can do if you truly want change in Calgary, is to VOTE on Monday, October 16th. Advance voting is also available if you are unable to vote on October 16th.

Visit … jenniferwyness.com
Email … wynessjennie@gmail.com


The Hamptons Residents For Responsible Development

TONIGHT: Town Hall with Ward 2 Candidate Jennifer Wyness


Wednesday, September 27th

Foothills Alliance Church
333 Edgepark Blvd NW

Registration 6:30 pm
Town Hall 7:00 pm

You will have the opportunity to ask Jennifer questions not only about what concerns you have in your community, but about concerns you have for the city in general.

It is very important for Calgary and our democracy that people are informed, engaged and vote in the upcoming Municipal Election on Monday, October 16th.

Plan to attend and meet Jennifer!

Town Hall With Ward 2 Candidate for City Council Jennifer Wyness

Wednesday, September 27th

Foothills Alliance Church
333 Edgepark Blvd NW

Registration 6:30 pm
Town Hall 7:00 pm

You will have the opportunity to ask Jennifer questions not only about what concerns you have in your community, but about concerns you have for the city in general.

It is very important for Calgary and our democracy that people are informed, engaged and vote in the upcoming Municipal Election on Monday, October 16th.

Plan to attend and meet Jennifer!

Visit …





Golf hole at The Hamptons shortened due to homeowner-filed injunction

Golf hole at The Hamptons shortened due to homeowner-filed injunction

WATCH: A judge has sided with a Calgary homeowner who says too many golf balls land on her property, and her kids aren’t safe to play outside. As Kevin Smith reports, The Hamptons golf club has had to alter one of its holes as it endures the appeal process.

A unique situation has developed at The Hamptons Golf Club in Calgary, after a homeowner says her kids aren’t safe to play outside with the amount of golf balls that land on her property.

A judge has ruled an injunction in her favour that has forced the golf club to move the tee boxes up 200 yards on the 10th hole, to eliminate the chance of balls landing on her property.

Homeowner Jiamei Liu says she knew when she bought the property that golf balls could land in her yard, but she says the amount landing on her property has been excessive.

“Time-to-time doesn’t mean 150 to 200 balls per golf season. My two neighbours confirm three to five balls per year which is a huge difference.”

John Chen lives next door to Jiamei, and confirms only three balls have hit house in eight years — an amount he says he’s comfortable with.

“I still think the chances are low, and we did not pay for any of the damage since we moved in.”

Gord Courage is the director of golf at The Hamptons, and has been in the golf industry for 30 years. He says this situation could have wide ramifications for all golf course communities.

“All over the world, and certainly all over Calgary, there’s golf courses that have houses nearby, so something like this could drastically change the golf industry and certainly changes our golf course,” Courage said.

Members at the private golf club say the changes to the 10th hole affects the integrity and enjoyment of the course.  can’t relate to the homeowners position.

“If you don’t know that there will be golf balls flying around your house and you choose to live on a golf course, I have have zero pity for that person,” member Murray Patterson said.

“One-hundred per cent their choice. I feel sorry for them, but at the same time they knew what they were getting into.”

Member Peter Grime says there’s an accepted cost to the benefits to living on a golf course.

“It shouldn’t happen all that often, but that’s part of being on a golf course. You get the unrestricted views and everything else, perhaps there’s a cost to it,” Grime said.

As for a middle ground solution, protective netting isn’t an option: the homeowner does not want the netting for home value and aesthetic reasons, while the course has a restrictive covenant against putting up nets.

The Hamptons Golf Club is considering planting bigger trees by the row of houses to adjust the golfers aim off the tee box.

The golf course has appealed the injunction, which will be ruled on in September, until then the hole will remain as a shorter par 4.

Our Councilors Did Not Listen

It is about time someone said no to a development that residents do not want.

The Councilors in Canmore listened, were informed and said no!

It is unfortunate that our City Councilors did not listen to the residents of Highland Park, Harvest Hills or The Hamptons. Instead, they listened to the developer.

It is critical that everyone votes on Monday, October 16th in order to obtain the change that is needed at City Hall.