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We represent the residents of the Hamptons who are opposed to the Golf Course proposal to add additional housing on certain areas of the golf course.

As a resident of this community, you should be concerned with certain proposals by the owners of the Hamptons Golf Course, Windmill Golf Group.

We have formed a growing group of neighbours in the area to work to prevent this from happening and permanently damaging our wonderful community that was designed and built around this beautiful golf course and the animal habitat we all know it supports.



汉普顿高尔夫球场业主,Windmill Golf Group,将会在四月底向市议会申请区划和开发 许可证, 以使用目前第14和15球洞作为住宅发展。另一套房子将会


回想一下,原来的开发商建立了这个世界级的高尔夫球场是为吸引高管和屋苑风格房子为目的。高尔夫球明星如吉吉-罗德里格斯(Chi Chi Rodriguez)和阿诺帕玛(Arnold Palmer)现身于这个美好的专业级球场开幕典礼。整个邻里计划并围绕此建立。



  • 潜在的水浸问题。汉普顿设计成自给自足的污水和雨水管理系统,包括雨水来自MorningsideCitadel。它贯穿了整个高尔夫球场内的一系列池塘和水库。球场重建会严重影响这设计, 可能会导致水浸。

•人口增长会使到已经十分挤拥的学校百上加斤 -事实上汉普顿学校容量已经到达极限了。

  • 绿地减少和动物栖息地的丧失。我们都有游客光临我们的后园:鹿,麋鹿,郊狼,山猫,兔,鹰,猫头鹰,松鸡,和大量水鸟。
  • 永久增加该地区的交通流量- 每天至少高达400多辆车。
  • 有限的休闲娱乐设施不足够供给更多的居民。


Please open the pdf document below to find out more information. This will be the general basis of all communication about the issue going forward. 

Hamptons – Brochure- Canvassing


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