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As residents of this community, you should be concerned with certain proposals by the owners of the Hamptons Golf Course, Windmill Golf Group. You should be aware that the golf course owners intend to apply to the city for zoning and development permits with the intention of building more houses or condos along the 14th and 15th holes of the golf course, directly behind, and blocking views of existing houses and villas. Another set of houses will be built directly behind, and blocking the views of existing houses along Hamptons Way. In both cases all of the current owners paid a premium on their house price to have direct views of the green space along the golf course – this will be lost. None of us bought these homes with the understanding that other houses would be between our house and the green space of the golf course.

The owners of the Hamptons Golf Course also own the Harvest Hills Golf Course in North Calgary. These owners applied to the City last month (July 2015) to shut down the entire course and build houses and multi-story condos along the entire existing golf course. And it appears to possibly be spreading further in Calgary as the owners have communicated information that they are purchasing yet another Calgary golf course. The golf course owner, Windmill Golf, is not a golf course operator, they are land developers. If you think this doesn’t directly affect you today, look at what is happening in Harvest Hills. You should also know that if the current proposal isn’t enough, they may consider removing 9 holes or, worse, even all 18 holes. This would then be the same as what residents of Harvest Hills may face. IT WOULD AFFECT THE PROPERTY VALUE OF EVERY HOMEOWNER ADJACENT TO THE GOLF COURSE AND PERMANENTLY CHANGE THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY WITH THOUSANDS MORE RESIDENTS. We have formed a growing group of neighbours in the area to work to prevent this from happening and permanently damaging our wonderful community that was designed and built around this beautiful golf course and the animal habitat we all know it supports.

Please Visit the “About” page for more information. And please read the pdf attached for further details. This will be the general basis of all communication about the issue going forward.